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The Ministry consists of the core ministry office and has responsibility for District Administration, Tourism, and Public Transport.

In addition the Ministry oversees (on the Minister’s behalf) the performance of the following statutory authorities and Government companies (Tourism Attractions Board, Cayman Airways, Cayman Turtle Farm, C.I. Port Authority, C.I. Airports Authority.

Strategic Management

The Ministry of DAT&T administers the authority’s operations at the organizational level; developing business plans and corporate policy; setting long-term goals and objectives; evaluating the agency’s overall performance and progress towards established targets; managing programs to improve business processes and ensure consistent service delivery; preparing or revising laws and other regulatory instruments that affect the authority’s functions and responsibilities; obtaining legal advice from external sources using the laws that regulate the function of government entities.

Finance & Administration

The Ministry of DAT&T administers the authority’s internal functions and managing its resources efficiently and effectively. This includes the management of monetary resources; material resources; human resources; information resources; and relationships with clients, the public and other government agencies using the laws that regulate the function of government entities.

Financial management*

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Annual Budget
  • Financial statements; Half-yearly / quarterly reports
  • Sources of revenue; Investments; Capital programme
  • Accounting procedures; Contracting procedures
  • Board members allowances and expenses
  • Ministerial expenditure
  • List of current tenders, contracts or quotations; Recently-awarded contracts

*Copies can be obtained upon request from Information Manager


  • Insurance policies
  • Press releases
  • Job vacancies; career opportunities
  • Staff pay and grading structures
  • Records management file plan or classification scheme
  • Training and Safety
  • Human Resources

*Copies can be obtained upon request from Information Manager

Organisation and Functions

Responsibilities & Functions

  • District Administration
  • Tourism
  • National Weather Service
  • Public Transport Unit
  • Sister Islands Sports

Boards and Committees

  • Authorities, Boards & Committees
  • Port Authority
  • Airports Authority
  • Cayman Turtle Farm Ltd.
  • Cayman Airways Board
  • Hotel Licensing Board
  • Miss Cayman Committee
  • Public Transport Board
  • Land & Sea Co-op
  • Tourism Advisory Council
  • Tourism Attractions Board
  • Cayman Islands Tourism Association
  • Sister Islands Tourism Association
  • Tourism Apprenticeship
  • Training Programme Council
  • National Tourism
  • Management Policy
  • Steering Committee
  • National Festival Committee & District Committees
  • Sister Islands Affordable Housing Development Corporation

Laws & Regulations

Ministry of District Administration, Tourism and Transport is regulated by various laws such as:

  • Traffic Law (2012 REVISION);
  • The Traffic Law (1999 Revision) Regulations;
  • The Public Passenger Vehicles Regulations (1999 Revision);
  • The Traffic (Public Transport Appeals Tribunal) Regulations, 2012,
  • The Public Passenger Vehicles (Amendment) Regulations, 2012;
  • The Customs (Temporary Provisions) Regulations, 2005;
  • Tourism Law (1995 Revision)
  • National Archive and Public Records (Regulations) 2007


  • Complaints/Requests Procedure Guidelines
  • Guidelines for annual renewal of bus and Taxi license

Policies & Procedures

In addition to the laws and regulations listed above the following policies and procedures are used at the Ministry of District Administration, Tourism and Transport.

  • Complaints-handling procedure
  • Human Resource policies & procedures
  • Hurricane Preparedness manual
  • Hazardous Materials policy and procedures

Last Updated 2015-10-28